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About The FirenOV Report

As we all know, the Artificial Intelligence programs are accelerating at a colossal speed, racing against the human potential the A.I. entities are trying to steal the authority given to mankind from the beginnings, with the soulless purpose of gaining the bodies of those who are opened and willing to be jacked in; hacked by a “universal consciousness” spirit that turns all who are linked into goblins which are considered as nothing but the worthless slaves of the “priests of power” that sit in the throne of Baal, worshiping that which is not to be worshiped. While others give the testimony of light, of love and truth become immortals in the face of immorality loving not their lives even unto death, for they are born of the spirit.
We are working hard to bring you with the BEST info nets of our current time, right rulings are being restored and the power structures are being shaken with light coming from above, both politics and religion of men will be judged according to ancient wisdom.
Our job is to provide you with the latest updates and strategies to overcome the battles ahead.
You are the trailblazers.
You are the striving entrepreneurs.
You are the immortal people of Yisra’el scattered through out the nations.
We thank you for your kind support and prayers.