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Published on 24 Jul 2019 / In News Updates

Where is the Gold? I am showing you an inventory and a certificate of safekeeping You can watch the tunnels on cameras where the gold is buried
Who has the world's gold ? It is in a 50 year old trust that is administered by the members of the Board of Governors and Development Committee of the World Bank and IMF. This was the reason that the World Bank and IMF were created. I am the Overseer Mandate Trustee of the Global Debt Facility. I have bankrupted Jerome Powell, David Malpass, Donald Trump, and many of the corrupt members of the New World Order. I have written the minutes of the World Bank and IMF and the Annual and Spring Meetings for many years. I have recorded liens on the Federal Reserve Bank. This notarial protest settles the claims of the world's assets in the Global Debt Facility

When countries try to steal the gold this only shows who is trying to steal the world's gold. 50 years after the trust was created there is no way to prove that the gold belongs to anyone else.
I want to tell you about a gold audit that never happened. We told you about this two years ago already in the DCTV segment on March 7, 2017 [A]gents of the Banking Cartel are now lying and trying to "manufacture" an audit of gold held by the Fed. There is no audit of gold held by the Fed. The Fed. has no gold.
There are enough people who have learned these facts to change the reality in the world. We are just getting started.
What else is important? We ( a critical mass of people) are working together to transition to a kinder world.
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