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The Day Of Fire & Redemption Approaches - Peter Michael Martinez

Published on 10 Apr 2018 / In Teaching Ministry

In the book of Enoch as quoted in Jude, there is a day of great FIRE that shall come upon the whole of the Earth. The wicked shall be removed according to the ancient record as quoted by Jude, where those who are not willing to do the WILL of YHWH in the Earth and are rebellious will be destroyed.

While many wish to debate these things, there are signs in the heavens and in the Earth that these things quickly approach.

So many are wrestling with the scripture instead of wrestling against principalities and powers.

Yet there is a Remnant that are dedicated to obeying HIS voice and keeping HIS commandments in HONOR to the KING who, by HIS own blood, saved us from annihilation!

Let our conversation be one of obedience and humility as we see the day approaching!

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labrat45 5 years ago

Amen!! Awesome message brother. Glory to God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob!

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