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The FirenOV Report
The FirenOV Report
12 Jan 2020

NATSARIM is plural and means branches, referring to those who are branches of the teachings of Yahusha. They abide in His Word, obeying the Commandments of Yahuah and teaching the world the true Name of Yahusha (see Rev. 12:17).
This video is meant to be listened to, so if the visual effects are bothersome, just turn up the volume and listen as you multitask.
Get the article this 7-part video is based on, and many more free downloads from: or
Search the web for the Name YAHUSHA.
Who are the NATSARIM? Are you one of them? Is Christianity behaving anything like the original followers of Yahusha? Are you in a delusion or reality? All this and more in this amazing documentary written by Lew White. Look inside the new book Last Natsarim at Lew White's amazon author's page:

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