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What is in your Heart?

Published on 02 Nov 2018 / In Teaching Ministry

When the Master Gardner takes a look at your heart what will he find? The Scriptures are clear that as a man sows so shall he reap. Yeshua said that we are to go bear fruit and that in this, His Father is well pleased. The fruits we bear are to help the nations, to reveal to them who them one true Elohim is and to bring many to the saving knowledge of Messiah, It is by our fruits that we will be known.

In this teaching, Yosef explains the importance of remaining in Yeshua and allowing Him to inspect our lives and uproot all things that hinder us from a deeper more intimate relationship with Him. Many today are still green or have become rotten due to a lack of faith or unwillingness to do any more with their salvation.

Yahweh is looking for a harvest from each one of us, may we strive to produce fruit worthy of repentance and holiness.

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