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Scriptures Often Ignored: Death, Burial, Resurrection, Restored Timeline


ARCHIVED! (From July 23rd, 2017)

This video will be the sixty-fifth in a series of videos where I will be sharing Scriptures that are often misinterpreted, mishandled, misunderstood, or just ignored altogether.

My prayer is that this will shed Light to you and reveal Truth unto you — with topics such as TRUE Scriptural Prophecy, End Times, signs of the End Times, how to prepare, precepts upon precepts, and much more.

What Is The TRUE Timeline Of The Death, Burial, And Resurrection Of Our TRUE Messiah YAHUSHA?

Did HE REALLY Die On "Good Friday?"

Was HE REALLY Resurrected On A Sunday?!

How Does Passover, Unleavened Bread, And First-Fruits Relate?

What Does The WORD OF YAHUAH Confirm?!?!


“First Day Of The Week” (Improper Translation — Should Say “One Of The Shabbats”)
MathathYAHU/Matthew 28:1
AurYAH/Luke 24:1
MarkU/Mark 16:2
MarkU/Mark 16:9
YAHUKNN/John 20:1
YAHUKNN/John 20:19
1 Kuranthym/1 Corinthians 16:2
Apasym/Acts 20:7

“Mia Ton Sabbaton” Phrase (Means “One Of The Shabbaths”)
“Mia” — Means ONE (Strong’s G1520):
“Mia” — 35 Occurrences:
“Ton” — Means THE (Strong’s G3588):
“Ton” — 1,218 Occurrences:
“Sabbaton” — Means SABBATH (Strong’s G4521):
“Sabbaton” — 68 Occurrences:

Mia… Cardinal ONE (Greek Cardinal vs. Ordinal Numbers):

Catechisms Of The RCC
Changing Of The 10 Commandments:
Changing Of The Sabbath To SUNDAY (First Day Of The Week):

If you’re looking for the best Scriptures to use with YAHUAH And YAHUSHA in them, or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email me (Place "Scriptures" In The Title): “"

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