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Anthony Patch: REVISING REALITY - Hear The Watchmen conference. Knoxville 2016.

Tera Werner
Published on 26 Apr 2018 / In Teaching Ministry

Wanting to post this video to a friend on facebook, I searched youtube and it appeared to have been taken down. Having previously downloaded it, I decided to upload it so that I could post it as originally planned.
This is an Amazing presentation by Anthony Patch. He reveals the functionality of D:WAVE Corporation's quantum computer, D:WAVE's involvement with CERN, CERN's intentions, and the resultant implications of this coalition; these being the opening of the Abyss/Pit of Revelation Ch.9, and The Mark of the Beast - what it will do and how it will do it.
This is 'Techy', but what we need to understand is explained to us.
Also; this might worry the faint-hearted, but Everyone needs to be made aware so please stick with it!

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