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Coronavirus Update: A Doctor Answers 10 Critical Questions

The FirenOV Report
The FirenOV Report
07 Feb 2020

A doctor discusses the latest updates about Coronavirus, citing the newest available studies to answer what the virus is, where it came from, what to expect in the coming days, and how individuals can protect themselves against infection. References from primary literature:

An explanation of where 2019-nCoV fits into the broader family tree of coronaviruses:

Clinical description of the first 41 cases in Wuhan:

Paper description model by which researchers determined the official case tally is a dramatic underestimate:

Description of case cluster infected from asymptomatic carrier in Germany:

EDIT: And the definitive debunking of that German case cluster:

One calculation of R0:

A primer on R0 from the CDC:

The estimate of the date of the Most Recent Common Ancestor for the coronavirus outbreak (i.e. mathematical model from sequencing different strains that determines when "patient zero" was infected):

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