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Liars, Lunatics & Demons; Part 1

The FirenOV Report
The FirenOV Report
08 Sep 2019

The Apocrypha is full of historical mistakes, geographical mistakes, chronological, moral mistakes and calendar mistakes. יהוה said that His Word had been; "forever settled in heaven" (Psalm 119:89) and has given stern warning to any who would presume to supplement, delete, or distort any of the words of Scripture (Revelation 22:18,19; II Peter 3:16).
These books have big problems, they lacked apostolic or prophetic authorship; they didn’t claim to be the Word of יהוה; they contain unbiblical concepts such as prayer for the dead or have some serious historical inaccuracies like Enoch and Jubilees. These books were never authoritative, inspired, or authentically written by either the Jewish Prophets or the Apostles. In this short series we'll find out what books are Scripture according to Yahusha's reckoning and discover why 14 books were removed historically and determine whether that was right or wrong, a deception or a revelation.

Weekly Shabbat Teachings from Matthew Nolan of Torah to the Tribes in Salem, Oregon.

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