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The Scroll of Ezekiel and The Royal Priesthood-The Thread of the Royal Priesthood - Part 4.

Published on 21 May 2018 / In Teaching Ministry

Part 4 is not to be missed.... Yosef ties the entire message back to Elijah and shows the thread of the Royal Priesthood throughout scripture. Many simply do not understand the significance of Yeshua being baptised by John, neither do they see the work of Elijah in this generation.

Yosef explains that wherever there is an Elijah there will always be a Jezebel at work. YHVH is looking for a righteous man or woman like Naboth the Jezreelite.

Will you seek to pursue the king and inherit with Him or will you simply sell your inheritance to a Ahab and never mature into being a Son or Daughter of Inheritance...... Make sure you watch part 4 :))

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