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President Trump Government Shutdown

The FirenOV Report
The FirenOV Report
07 Jan 2019

Donald J. Trump at press briefing giving information on Government Shutdown Negotiations and strong reasons [human trafficking & drug dealers] on why it is important to keep criminals out of the nation.
"President Obama had 0% interest, and he was playing with funny money. We are paying interests in all fairness like it is supposed to be.
We are removing our troops from Syria while destroying ISIS, which was all over Syria and Iraq before I got to office.
Tariffs have pushed China into getting a resolution on incentives to negotiate; the relationship with Xi is doing good.
With North Korea we are doing very well."

Honor all men.
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I am working hard to serve the BEST info nets of our current timeline, right rulings are being restored and the world order power structures are being shaken with light coming from above, both politics and religions of men will be judged according to ancient wisdom.
You are the trailblazers.
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You are the immortal people, Kings and Priests scattered through out the nations.
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