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The Holy Calendar Of YHWH! - Peter Michael Martinez

Published on 21 Sep 2018 / In Teaching Ministry

Jubilees 6:30-38 "And all the days of the commandment will be fifty two weeks of days, and (these will make) the entire year complete.

Thus it is engraved and ordained on the heavenly tablets.

And there is no neglecting (this commandment) for a single year or from year to year.

And command you the children of Israel that they observe the years according to this reckoning - three hundred and sixty-four days, and (these) will constitute a complete year, and they will not disturb its time from its days and from its feasts; for everything will fall out in them according to their testimony, and they will not leave out any day nor disturb any feasts.

But if they do neglect and do not observe them according to His commandment, then they will disturb all their seasons and the years will be dislodged from this (order), [and they will disturb the seasons and the years will be dislodged] and they will neglect their ordinances.

And all the children of Israel will forget and will not find the path of the years, and will forget the new months, and seasons, and Sabbaths and they will go wrong as to all the order of the years.

For I know and from henceforth will I declare it unto you, and it is not of my own devising; for the book is written before me, and on the heavenly tablets the division of days is ordained, lest they forget the feasts of the covenant and walk according to the feasts of the Gentiles after their error and after their ignorance.

For there will be those who will assuredly make observations of the moon - how it disturbs the seasons and comes in from year to year ten days too soon.

For this reason the years will come upon them when they will disturb (the order), and make an abominable (day) the day of testimony, and an unclean day a feast day, and they will confound all the days, the kadosh (holy) with the unclean, and the unclean day with the kadosh; for they will go wrong as to the months and Sabbaths and feasts and jubilees.

For this reason I command and testify to you that you may testify to them; for after your death your children will disturb them, so that they will not make the year three hundred and sixty-four days only, and for this reason they will go wrong as to the new months and seasons and Sabbaths and festivals, and they will eat all kinds of blood with all kinds of flesh.

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