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JESUS: WORM proves Jesus Christ ~ Passion of Christ and Resurrection of Jesus proven by a WORM

The FirenOV Report
The FirenOV Report
27 Mar 2018

Jesus proven with WORM. Jesus Christ: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ; and, the PASSION of JESUS CHRIST are proven in 5 minutes with a WORM. To get GOD dimension:

Jesus: YHVH the GOD dimension ~ to watch 30 minute now on YOUTUBE:

Passion of Christ part 2 coming 2018

Jesus Christ is the MOST CONTROVERSIAL person in all of human history. The story of Jesus Christ is a story that saves some; and destroys others.

Jesus proven real in this documentary video.

In this video (from the documentary YHVH: the GOD dimension) Jesus Christ is proven using merely a worm.

On the cross, Jesus said, "I am but a worm, and not a man"... a very strange statement indeed. In this video that statement and the worm referenced are analyzed.

Resurrection of Jesus (Passion of Christ part 2) to be released by Mel Gibson in this same year.

YHVH: the GOD dimension is a documentary on God and Jesus Christ like no other on earth.

Entities - UNVEILING:
Entities -Beginning:
Theory of Everything:
Richard Dawkins:
Enoch original:
Enoch new:

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