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Living Righteously: Perfect Love...

Published on 27 Sep 2018 / In Teaching Ministry

ARCHIVED! (From Feb. 10th 2018)


In this series, my intent will be to lead you into Scriptural TRUTH: which is YAHUAH, His Laws, Statutes, and Commandments — The Torah, And His TRUE Son YAHUSHA. My prayer is to give you motivation, inspiration, and encouragement on your Journey, and prayerfully these videos will be of great resource to you. I will also leave helpful tools, links, and information below to help you continue along your Journey Into TRUTH.

My goal is to lead you to Torah Way of Living: which is also Righteous Living. YAHUAH Lead you and Guide you on your spiritual journey and walk, and prayerfully you continue to find comfort and protection in YAHUAH.

In this video, we will be talking about Perfect Love.

But rather than merely just reading the Scriptures, we will also be Applying The Word into our everyday walk, and Understanding what this really means — and how we are to Walk In The Promises Of YAHUSHA, and how we are to Abide In HIS Love for us… We will also be taking a look at what it means to Truly Be Made Free, With ALL Fear Casted Out — In order so that we are made whole, complete, and lacking in nothing!

May this video Motivate you and all who are listening to continue on your spiritual walk and journey with YAHUAH Thru His TRUE Son YAHUSHA; May this video Impact you and all who are listening to continuously become changed, renewed, purged, purified, transformed in your mind, circumsized in your heart, and born again of the RUK/Spirit so that you are Made Free Completely; And may this video Inspire you and all who are listening to share your story and testimony with others, so that others also will see your Light that’s shining bright within you before the world, and so that others will be Made Free ALSO!!!

YashaYAHU/Isaiah 43:18-19
YAHUKNN/John 3:5
YAHUKNN/John 15:10
1 YAHUKNN/1 John 1:9
1 YAHUKNN/1 John 4:18
1 Kappa/1 Peter 4:8
Yaacub/James 1:4

If you’re looking for the best Scriptures to use with YAHUAH And YAHUSHA in them, or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email me (Place "Scriptures" In The Title): “"

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