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Declaring the End from the Beginning - Part 16 of 20: Following Abraham Back to the Garden of Eden

The FirenOV Report
The FirenOV Report
15 Feb 2020

How should we view the book of Genesis? It is the foundation of the Holy Bible. Is it literal or figurative poetry? This is Part 16 of a 20 Part presentation I gave at the Declaring the End from the Beginning Isaiah 46:10 Conference in February of 2019. In this segment I discuss why I believe the land we now call "Israel" was likely the original location of the Garden of Eden. I also briefly discuss why I think the actual Babylon of the Bible (in the Middle East) is the same one which will receive the judgment of YHWH in the End Times and why I don't believe it's right to assign Babylon to places like New York City for instance.

For those interested in some of the research and DVDs I referenced in this presentation, go here:

The full versions of the videos about NEOM I used in this presentation:

NEOM, The Futuristic Mega City Saudi Arabia Is Planning:

NEOM, Saudi Arabia's $500 Billion Mega City:

For those interested in watching this whole series in order, please check out the playlist I created for this series:

It is my desire to continue to put out free content for you (including lectures like this from conferences I've done). But YouTube demonetizes many of my videos and appears to have been shadow-banning a lot of my content, resulting in a massive cut in our monthly revenue. I don't have a Patreon account (primarily because they are censoring just as much as YouTube and other larger platforms), so if you'd like to support what I do so that I can continue doing it, please go here:

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