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Apostolic Decree Against The Vatican! - Peter Michael Martinez

Published on 13 Mar 2020 / In News Updates

Originally published on February 11, 2018!

The matter is clear before the court of Heaven. There is conspiracy to commit HIGH TREASON against the people of YHWH who live in the land designated FOR ISRAEL and the land itself.

Israel has been GRANTED by HOLY DECREE a designated place despite the worshipers of Baal that have entrenched themselves among the people as a "deep state" like unto those here in the USA currently being rooted out.

So then there is a change coming now and THE DECREE against their treason has been made.

I am REQUIRED to give notice so that what we do we do IN THE LIGHT unlike them who do all things in the DARK.

WE OPENLY DECLARE that any color of authority which the Vatican and all its agents have or are using to enact any and all legal, financial, or governmental powers or the exercise of the same is hereby null and void.

Any institutions, governments, policies, agreements, contracts, and other manifestations of power based in any way upon or in connection to the Vatican or the "Roman Catholic Church" at any point in history from the moment of the Crucifixion to the moment of this decree are hereby declared null and void.

Remnant House does NOT recognize nor authorize the Vatican nor any of its daughters to speak on behalf of the Redeemed at any time or any place upon the Earth.

Let Them Be Silent.

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