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Revelation 5:10 "...And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth."

Who is it that places you in the heavens? Who is it that gave you your place?

If HE who made all things has chosen you to sit with HIM in heavenly places, this is not a common place.

This is Royalty at the Highest level. This is Holy Royalty and all who would walk in it must be crowned!

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Daughteroftheking 3 years ago

Amen! Thank you for speaking freedom to us in this Truth. Thank you for reminding us who we are in the King.

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labrat45 3 years ago

Amen! Awesome word brother Peter! Praise YEHWA!! We are ROYALTY!

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Makidrossos 3 years ago

Brother thank you for doing what you do for Abbas Kingdom. Only one like You! Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent (courageous?) take it by force. Abba thank you that Your LIGHT (laws) is the the force.

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