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Trey Gowedy on Hillary 12/10/18
Dan FirenOV

Spirit cooking and Hillary Clinton

Dan FirenOV
Published on 16 Jan 2019 / In Teaching Ministry

Spirit cooking was the number 1 reason why Hilary Clinton and many well known politicians wanted the presidential power that was lost.
There was international trade deals for human souls and they lost they chance to escalate it to higher number than what there already is in here in the US and all around the world.

Honor all men.
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I am working hard to serve the BEST info nets of our current timeline, right rulings are being restored and the world order power structures are being shaken with light coming from above, both politics and religions of men will be judged according to ancient wisdom.
You are the trailblazers.
You are the striving entrepreneurs.
You are the immortal people, Kings and Priests scattered through out the nations.
You Got The Iron Stick!

Thank you for your kind support and prayers.
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Trey Gowedy on Hillary 12/10/18
Dan FirenOV

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